Poor Relations


This is what some of the characters look like

Poor Relations is a science fiction novel set in Mars and the solar system in the twenty-fourth century. I started writing it a long time ago, right after I finished Tooth and Claw, and I stalled out on it. I kept coming back to it, and finally picked it up and got it finished in 2016.

Jane Austen said that the ideal story is about a number of families in a small village, and then strangers arrive. Poor Relations is like that, except the village is on Mars and the strangers are an alien invasion. The two strong and conscious influences on this book are John Varley’s Eight Worlds stories and Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park.

It has nanotech, and aliens, and gender, and a rather odd society.

It’ll be coming out from Tor early in 2018. And they’ve promised me a spaceship on the cover! Because it has a spaceship — more than one, even. Lots.

Not the real cover.