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15th May 2007: Jeopardy, pacing of revelation & how you treat characters

I was having a conversation with Zorinth on the way home on the train largely about a (really nifty) story idea of his, and one of the things we were talking about was the things novels need in order to

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21st March 2007 Lovely rice pudding for dinner again (whining about proofs)

The thing I hate about proofs is — no. Among the things I hate about proofs are: the way they arrive sufficiently soon after the copyedit that I’m still sick of the sight of the book; the way I’m totally

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16th February 2007: Conversation with a Pigeon

Actually, you don’t have to fly away when I come into the kitchen. It was me who put out those oat-crumbs you’re eating. I threw them out into the snow earlier, and the last time I came into the kitchen

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26th December 2006 Inevitability

Yesterday afternoon we watched a DVD I bought myself for Christmas. The box is all in French, but in English it seems to be called The Gathering Storm and it’s Churchill biography, or as it’s dramatized like a story, fanfiction.

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1st December 2006: Forty-two today!

Hooray, hooray, I’m forty-two today. Anyone I told I was forty-two already — I was confused, OK? When I was a child I’d never have believed I could be confused about how old I was. It’s such a central fact

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29th November 2006: That burned before the icecap reigned

The sun is coming through the window at an odd angle and casting the shadow of the things in my desk-tidy onto the wall in a sharp relief. There are various pens at angles, a quill, two pairs of scissors,

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25th June 2006: Tangled Web

“Your nightmares are somebody’s daydreams, Your daydreams are somebody’s lies. Lies ain’t no harder than telling the truth, The truth is the perfect disguise.” Kris Kristofferson. I’m not in HP fandom, and I’ve been reading the MsScribe kerfuffle with bemused

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2nd February 2006: Why fantasy is easy

When I say fantasy is easy, what I mean is that writing in a background you already know intimately is easier than figuring out every little thing about the background. It’s easiest to put this in terms of tech levels

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23rd September 2005: Venting about copyedit

Dear Copyeditor, Contrary to your base assumption, I am not a moron. When I use mixed metaphors — and you may note I only do it in the first person section — I am using them as a form of

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21st March 2005: A snippet

This is the story of the stupid things I did the year I was seventeen, the year my mother died, and how they twisted my life entire from the straight course it was set to run in. I was born

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