I leak poetry. Writing poems is easier than anything for me. It’s easier than talking. If I really care about saying something, it will come out with linebreaks. So I write a lot of poetry, which means I need somewhere to put it. Poetry isn’t a very commercial genre. I can sell genre poetry these days, but I seldom get more than a few dollars for it. So I tend to post it on my livejournal where I can get the instant gratification of my friends liking it, which is worth more to me than $5 in three months.

I’ve published three poetry collections, and everything from all of them is here, along with a lot of other stuff. I’ve arranged things thematically into categories.

If you want hardcopies of these poems, Sibyls and Spaceships is still available from NESFA press and The Helix and the Hard Road from Aqueduct.

If you want to do something with any of them, please email me and ask.

Categories of Poems