The Purpose of Sonnets

I’ll coil up my emotions into fourteen tidy lines

Not howl them out, and I won’t make a fuss

I’ll bundle them up neatly, for it’s much more decorous

To stuff them in a sonnet when the sentiment aligns.

I understand it’s artificial, hope you won’t resent

That using these conventions is for me the simplest way

It’s not that I don’t feel it or I mean it just in play,

It’s just easier write in rhyme explaining what I meant.

If I want to say “I love you”, did you notice that’s subjunctive?

Not a messy declaration that imposes any need

Of response, reply, or interaction for a love to feed,

You can answer if you want to, but I wouldn’t be presumptive.

If it’s crammed into the couplet at the end, you’ll know it’s true

Three words explode through fourteen lines insisting I love you.


7th April 2018