Links to online stories

At the Bottom of the Garden. (2000, originally published in Odyssey, but never paid for.)

Relentlessly Mundane. (2000, Strange Horizons.)

Unreliable Witness (2001, Strange Horizons)

On the Wall (2001, Strange Horizons, Year’s Best Fantasy, ed. Hartwell, 2002.)

What a Piece of Work (2006, Subterranean)

Tradition (2007, Lone Star Stories)

Remember the Allosaur (2007. Lone Star Stories)

Escape to Other Worlds With Science Fiction (2009,, reprinted in Year’s Best SF ed. Dozois and Twenty-First Century Science Fiction.)

The Panda Coin (2010, Eclipse 4, 2014 Lightspeed)

Parable Lost (2009, Lone Star Stories)

Turnover (2013, Novacon chapbook, 2014, Lightspeed)

Sleeper (2014,, reprinted Year’s Best American SF 2015)

A Burden Shared (2017,