The Lessons of Fairytales

Fairytales are lies but
Not far down inside
Lurking in the sugar-coating
The truth will bite you.

Be kind to animals, old ladies, psychopomps,
Unshod unlikely unknowables
It will make the world better
Even if they’re not disguised.

Beware of greed, of short-term goals,
Never snatch, consider well your choices,
Do not grab for the quick gold,
The lead may hold more promise.

Never slight your inferiors
Don’t abuse your stepchildren
Do not steal but consider exchanging
A safe cow for some chance of change.

Boasting will lead to trouble.
You may trick the tricksters.
No more rely on luck
Than spurn it if it strikes you.

And if you should find yourself
In some impossible predicament
Never despair, for hope and fortitude
Are much more likely to be rewarded.

There may be no magical salvation
But equipped with these fairytale principles
You are fitted to quest in the world,
Well deserving of half the kingdom.

12th May 2009