Unusual Chameleons

Chameleons change colour, that’s the way they stay alive
But Unusual Chameleons can drive.
Chameleons are lizards, they can run, and sleep, and feed,
But Unusual Chameleons can read.
Chameleons can look both ways out of their separate eyes,
But Unusual Chameleons are wise.
Chameleons (I looked this up) mostly just live to eight
But Unusual Chameleons can wait…

When they’re ninety, very cautiously, they pack up all their books
Then they set off down the highway very fast
And while one eye is reading, then the other eye just looks
At the traffic and the roads they’re going past.
Now, the thing that’s most Unusual, while driving down the street
Is the thing that gives Chameleons their name
As they’re reading and they’re speeding, they change colour head to feet
And the car that they are driving does the same!

For Alex Wald. (The context for this is here.) 23rd November 2008.