Two Trolls and a Princess

Two trolls and a princess sat under a hill
Hideaway, slideaway, whippoorwill
The trolls were big and the princess was clever,
Sing me a song and you’re caught forever.

The first troll said, as she poked the fire,
Underhill, whippoorwill, long desire
“Let’s catch the sun in a net of sky!”
Sing me a song, and I’ll pass you by.

The two trolls wove and the princess flung,
Overwire, underbriar, bells are rung
And in the net they caught the sun!
Sing me a song when the day is done.

They hauled her down to the hill’s dark deep,
Hide-a-tongue, bide-a-young, sink in sleep
Then she blazed up bright and burned through the net,
Sing me a song, and I won’t forget.

The sun bobbed back to her long straight track
Underdeep, oversteep, run right back,
Time burns brighter than sun or moon,
Sing me a song, and I’ll hum the tune.

The princess watched the sun away,
Whippoorblack, hithersack, here today
The trolls turned back to weaving thread,
Sing me a song until we’re dead.

January 31st 2024