Blood Poem IV

The princess stands garnished in velvet and pearls,
she is precious and lovely with guinea gold curls,
but the dragon sweeps down on defenceless young girls;
you can’t trust anyone these days.

In diamonds, Andromeda, chained to the rock,
with her hair pinned in combs, in her best party frock,
oh, they’ve given the monster the key to the lock;
it’ll all come out in the wash.

The maiden wears emeralds, she’s so very pretty,
they’ve told her her sacrifice saves the whole city,
she stands trembling, and brave men shed tears out of pity;
it makes you wonder sometimes.

There is blood in the earth, there is blood in the corn,
there is blood on the moon, there is blood in the dawn,
there is blood every time a new person gets born;
no need to fuss about it.

21st July 2003