Would you say to the unicorn,

“Is that really a unique horn?

Unmatched, specific, exclusive to you?

Actually narwhals all have one too.”


Would you say to the cockatrice,

“It’s not just you who has that device

To turn to stone those who take the risk

It’s just the same with the basilisk.”


Would you say to the fiery phoenix,

“You do know others can do those tricks,

Renewing themselves to re-begin?

I tell you, snakes also shed their skin.”


Would you say to the hippogryph,

“I suppose you’d be quite original if

I’d never heard of eagles and horses.

Did your parents have one of those divorces?”


When you’re gored, or dropped from high, or burned,

Or when to silent stone you’re turned

You’ll think it’s a sign of sad banality,

And sigh at their lack of originality.


1st April 2018