What the Oracle Didn’t Tell You

When she said “You are your destiny”
you thought she meant something else
you imagined bridges, shipwrecks, exploding mountains,
poised moments of monumental change,
not the slow shift of root
changing the form of landscape in increments,
the things you make,
your tiny kindness, small attempts to help,
most tossed on stony ground but some
bringing returns beyond prediction,
the wonderful thing
growing whole from what you’re doing
emerging from who you are, your choices,
the ways you build the world better,
the hidden gifts the future holds
seeding already in your soul
to flower into time.
Time blurs, when you have enough of it,
patterns show when you look through it,
actions, consequences, most barren
some that shape you and all the world.
What the oracle didn’t tell you is how to tell which
swirl in the wire is the one the matters
so on you go, twisting them all because
that’s who you are, it’s what you do,
it’s how you make
the next thing, the next moment, the future,
come on: get on with it.26th January 2014

Elise’s What The Oracle Didn’t Tell You project.