St Francis Preaches to the Animals

St Francis:

“Who’s a good boy then?
You’re a good boy!
You’re such a good boy!
And you’re a good boy too,
So beautiful, oh what a good boy!
God loves all of you.
How great he was to make you!

The Animals:

While it may be hard for a fallen human to comprehend,
Have you tried simplicity?
You have so much that is extraneous.
Take only the essential, embrace poverty,
And find the true riches of the world.
Help one another over the stumbling blocks,
Love God, and love each other.

The Trees:

All around in a rustling shade,
Transmuting sunlight to myriad green,
The cathedral close of listening trees
Preaches to no one.
Deep-reaching roots, widespreading branches,
Tall-standing trunks, quivering leaves,
Close-holding old secrets of knowledge and life.

16th September 2023