Spiral Sestina

In the heart of the circle, the spiral.

In the heart of life, joy in wonder:

Pearl clouds, gnarled roots, veined rocks,

Breath, spray of salt-water, food growing from dirt,

Books, conversation, spaceships, humanity,

Finding words that fit.

Yes, despair can squeeze you to fit

Down in a snailshell’s spiral

Muffles and stifles all your humanity,

Weighs you down so you wonder

If the world holds anything but dirt,

Scurrying to hide under rocks.

But even there, at the bottom of rocks,

Pressed, oppressed, desperate to fit,

Disguised as nothing, down in the dirt,

A green tendril stirs, begins to spiral,

Starts in your heart the seed of wonder,

The hope of humanity

Nature can help when you can’t bear humanity,

Tsunamis of news falls on you like rocks

When all seems lost, when you wonder

If it’s even possible that anything fit,

Or has it all been one down spiral?

When everyone seems to wallow in dirt.

It doesn’t negate what’s bad to wonder

How to make it good, clean off the dirt,

Do what you can to help things fit,

For yourself, for the world, for humanity,

For air and water and fire and rocks,

Clouds that swirl and ferns that spiral.

Go little song, wonder at humanity,

Trying to do our best among dirt and rocks,

Finding fit places within life’s spiral