What to do with a crush?

There are traditional things to do.
Like wearing their favour in a joust
Or skywriting their name across the city sky,
So that it sprawls out until it blows away
Or a scrawling it with yours in a heart
Or sending significant flowers.

Or you could write 366 sonnets
About your own feelings
Without ever examining theirs.
(I’m looking at you, Petrarch, my friend!)
That’s super-traditional, but I don’t recommend it.
However, examining your feelings can be useful. 

You can be extra nice to everyone else
Everyone who isn’t so lucky as to have your special person
As their special person.
You can be happy,  
No, really, that’s allowed,
This world needs happy people.
You can write about the warmth of joy. 

You can read Nietsche.
That’s not traditional at all, but push the boat out,
Because the best thing you can do with this
Is make something good with the energy
Something great that will last
(You may be friends forever but this will not last) 

It is so brave to leap into love
To open out, to reach, to hope,
And from that fizzing foaming  joy
To build the lasting work
Moving all together, out from the heart’s gladness
Into the vast wild future

18th December 2023