You said you sat for a bit, you didn’t say you wrote a poem!

You can take it as read if you care a whit
That a poem pops out when I say “I’ll sit
Down here for a while,” and I must admit
It’s more often nonsense than holy writ
And it’s true that I didn’t quite mention it
But that doesn’t make me a hypocrite,
It’s just what I do when I sit for a bit,
I whittle poems from words that split.

A cat will sit in a box it fits in
I make up rhymes when there’s something I sits in
It’s the way of the world that I exist in
Like Rilke, Kafka, and Solzhenitsyn,
It’s just what I do, and I don’t commit sin,
Except when I put these silly bits in!

22nd August 2023