I just changed one letter!

So what, now Saul isn’t good enough for you?

Your mother and I, her memory for a blessing, we named you Saul.

We didn’t just pick it at random, we thought a lot about it.

King of Israel, Saul was, isn’t that enough for you now?

You want to be small in Greek, that’s what Paul means, right?

Is this political, is that what it is?

Is it meant to be a metaphor for Rome and Jerusalem?

Because if it is, let me tell you son, it isn’t working.

Well what did you change it for then?

Wait, let me interrupt here, why were you going to Damascus?

No, never mind, I remember, you were going to persecute the Christians.

And that’s another thing, S — son.

Did you ever wonder if they might have something?

What if that Jesus of theirs is the Messiah, you ever think of that?

I mean it’s not impossible, right?

What would you look like going all the way to Damascus if —






I hate to break it to you, but this, this change?

It isn’t just one letter.


14th April 2018, Grand Rapids Michigan