Blood Poem V

It’s a good thing
we have our
“natural feminine delicacy”
because otherwise
at those “special times”
when the lunar tides run high
and the cramps take hold
and everything conspires to be annoying
at those times when we need those mysterious…
(which have to be sold
in three separate bags
for your protection)
and can never be mentioned by name
but only as “feminine hygeine products”
(only nobody dares mention them at all,
they invent code words
which change from place to place
which makes it challenging when travelling)
when we have our “special needs”
and have to use the bathroom every hour
and the bathroom
(I’m looking at you, France)
costs 50 cents each time
and the toilet may not have a seat
and they also might be far apart…
well, as I said, it’s a good thing
that we have our natural delicacy
for if we were to get irked
if even one of us, even once, got angry,
and this happens to each of us, every month for forty years,
why, without our delicacy,
it might cross our minds
not to use those “things”
to let the red tide flow
in streams, in rivers, huge tidal floods,
drown the whole world in blood.

22nd October 2015