The Conception of Cuchulain

Oh the sun and the wind bore me down
two strong horses, drawing me onwards,
clutching the reins, held tight, control,
faster, faster, the wind tore at my cloak,
the white and the roan, lips drawn back,
my sun, too bright to look upon,
my love, my sweet love, urging me onwards,
in a rush, the chariot creaking,
tendons straining, your arms, drawing breath,
hair and manes blown back, back,
the sun and the wind and my strong thighs,
straining, you have run away with me,
for joy, for the sun, the wind,
for the bright god my love, my dear love,
so fast, so fast, I cannot stop,
can never stop, crying out words,
your name, in your hand,
and the wind hears, drawing me on, on,
rushing through me, faster, faster,
together, onward, the horses racing,
the reins under my hand,
moving as one, hurtling, glowing,
forward, onward, smiling, together,
my sun and my wind, my love…
until we stop, shuddering,
foam flecked horses, slack reins,
tugged and teased by warm sun, gentle wind
my love, my lord,
what have we made this day?

27th July 1997, Cork.

Note: Zeus came to Danae in a shower of gold, to Europa as a bull, to Leda as a swan. Nemglan begot Conary Mor in bird form. Lugh of the Long Hand came to Dechtira as she was driving her chariot. Men have been telling these stories of the loves of gods and mortal women for thousands of years.