The Hoard

One of the Roman coins in the Seaton Down hoard of 22,000 coins found by Laurence EgertonDr Roger Bland, from the British Museum, said: “It is one of the largest coin hoards of the fourth century ever found within the Roman empire but, despite the number of coins found, the financial value would not have been great, amounting to approximately four gold coins.

“This sum of money would possibly have provided the ration of four soldiers for one year or a worker’s pay for two years.”


I’m coming back, of course I’m coming back
I hid the coins. I won’t need them in Gaul.
And if they come, you flee. Just grab a sack
Of food, and hide. Then you can have it all
To start again. If they burn down the farm,
Or if you have to run, or pay the tax;
Not only raiders is it, and alarm?
Assessments can be bad as the attacks.
I’m coming back — and you should wait for me.
What’s in that hoard took me ten years to save.
Enough to buy a book! And you can see
That hidden there it’s safe — don’t look so grave.
But if — and “if” is all I’m going to say —
You dig it up. It’s almost two years’ pay.

27th September 2014