Next Time I Fall in Love 2: For Laurie Penny

When I grow up I want to be brave
like you
so when I fall in love,
and feel that tingling unexpected joy
and can’t help smiling when I see
my special person walk into a room
which had felt empty until then, without them,
they smile to see me too, their face lights up,
to see me, me! And it’s incredible
that they could like me back,
since they’re so wonderful and I
am always only me…
Yes, when that grace
I want to
be like your generation,
grown up, bold,
and shout out confidently,
ready and unafraid
to share it with the world
and Twitter,
taking that risk
to be exposed, wide open,
“also I fell in love
so that’s a thing.”

Dec 18th 2015