Carnival Dragons

Carnival DragonsYou swoop, and know you will be back.
The scent of dust on the leaves
Reminds you summer does not last.
It is dark now at eight o’clock
So the lights are jewel bright as you swoop.
The music playing
Sounds like distance and endings
The hand that will not always clutch,
That is already letting go.
The shouts and the laughter, the calls
“Toffee-apple, candyfloss,
Try the sweet sweet…”
“Try your hand…”
Your empty hand
“Anyone can…”
Jewelled scales
Upstretched wings
Great spiral eyes
Above tomorrow’s flattened grass.
You circle and swoop,
The year keeps turning,
Taking you away,
Bringing you back and back.

18th April 2011

Another Elise piece!