North Wind

The North Wind needs me!
Cold wind blasts tree,
Creeps through cracks, rattles key/
Storm voices call to me:
“Come out! Stand free!
Hair down, blown be!”

One step. Two. Three.
“North Wind? Why me?”
“Be brave. Don’t flee.
Open arms. You’ll see.”
No shelter, no lee,
Swept up high, exultantly.

A moment’s fear, no safety
Far to fall, yelling “Whee!”
The North Wind tosses me
To soar, glide, suffused with glee
Hair wild, together we
Dance above storm-tossed sea.

In joy and fear, akin are we,
Being what we have to be
Wild winds that fly free
Trading buffets equally,
That’s why, I see, I see!
The North Wind needs me.

Spring 1996, Lancaster.