Cheesecake (easy)

Preheat oven to 150C.

Make some shortbread for a base, put it into the bottom of a loose bottomed pie tin 8 inches or so. Pre-cook it a bit. (Or you could try one of those weird American crusts where you crush perfectly good cookies and smush them in. Shortbread works fine, really.)

In a pyrex mixing bowl:

1 tin of sweetened condensed milk, as for yokki.
2 250g packs of creamcheese,
juice of 1 lemon
3 eggs

Take an electric whisk or stick blender of the kind you use to liquidize soup — I don’t have any other kind of blender. Liquidize everything in the bowl until it is of an even creamy consistency, with no lumps of creamcheese or visible eggy bits.

Pour onto base, bake for 50-55 mins.

Cool. Remove from tin, carefully, using a palette knife. The top might crack. Big deal, that’s what coverings are for. Refrigerate for at least six hours and preferably overnight, this improves the taste greatly.

Put whatever topping you want on it to cover the cracks. I recommend a crushed chocolate Flake*, or grated chocolate, or raspberry compote.

(To make a crushed Flake, take a Flake and a rolling pin, and do what comes naturally. If you live where there are no Flakes, first, 150C is “350F”, and secondly raspberry compote is very nice.)