Make Earth Great Again

If they built an ark they wouldn’t take me
I’m old and fat with a disability
And menopause, it’s just too late
So I’ll stay and make Earth great.

You know, like Earth was great before
In the Great Depression & the Great World War
Before the world turned soft & kind
And left all that behind.

When men were men and whites were white
And justice wept and might made right
And all went on as it did before,
Like 1984.

With real people on real Earth
Those just like me who know our worth
And real people aren’t trans or bi
Or funny colors and I know why.

If I had to own those folk were real
I’d have to care and I’d have to feel
I’d use respect and empathy
And have less left for me.

Is a woman real without a dick?
Is a gay, a Muslim, is someone sick?
If you have to grant that they’re people too
Does the world have space for you?

Of course we know that the answer’s yes
But asking caused this hideous mess
But if we keep on shovelling shit
There’s a pony under it.

We can make Earth great without that fear
Look round, accept that we’re all real here
Respect is not a zero sum
And empathy never dumb.

And Earth’s great now, and I love the place
And someday soon we can get to space
And though I’m white and poor and cold
It’s better now than in days of old

The more of us work to set things right
Bright candles burning against the night
Unlike, together, a paradox
And hope, the last thing in every box.