As seen from Apollo 17, via Wikimedia CommonsI have walked a crowded planet where the air is made by plants
Where a billion bugs evolved and died and fifty million ants
I have walked without a facemask on and eaten slaughtered game
Where the poets and the prophets lived with those who left no name
Where ten thousand years of history are crumbling round the toes
Of the lucky folk who live on it, except that no one knows.
See the fractal marvels in the curling of the fern!
See chaotic weather and see lightning fires burn!
See the pounding breakers on the fild unfettered sea!
And see the patterned history of humans living free!
A blue-white planet circles in her orbit’s place
Set against the burning stars and blinding black of space
And rising up to reach for it the first few rockets run
Then more and more until at last the far horizon’s won.
Pressing eager onward in an urge to understand,
Welcome to Earth, huzzah!
Circling a golden star!
Know what her wonders are,
This cradle where we stand.

19th October 1998, Swansea.