Not the Christmas Poem You Were Looking For

This is not the Christmas poem I was looking for
I wanted to have candles and a tree
A light against the darkness to be shelter from the storm
A place that would be safe for you and me.

I’ve got the presents wrapped, and I have special food to eat
I’m singing carols fit to beat the band
I’ve put my baby Jesus with the pandas round the crib,
And my head down with the ostrich in the sand.

It isn’t like the world was ever perfect
There’s always been a weight of work to do
But sometimes there’s a burden that falls heavy on us all
So it’s hard to celebrate as though it’s true.

More nukes, more pussy, more corruption, threats against my friends
The fear that comes on cat-feet through the dark
Of do I dare, and should I risk, be careful now, again
Let’s fight to keep alight the little spark.

When all the world is shaken by a storm out of the south
When Herod is elected to the throne
Ask what would Jesus do to overturn the tables now
And act for justice even on your own.

And even on this Christmas morning there is still the light
There’s beauty, snow, and trees, sun shines above,
So we dance across the cracks and open presents merrily
And stand as best we can for hope and love.