From a Found Typo

“We remind ourselves that you can only seethe stars when it is dark” — Anne Lamott

You can catch them, with some care,
in an old-fashioned butterfly net.
Eat them the same day,
or store them sealed in the fridge
for up to three days.
Do not freeze, it ruins the texture.

You can braise stars for breakfast,
or lightly poach them with hollandaise sauce.
Toss them in a green salad for lunch
or try them in a toasted sandwich or panini.
Grill them for a barbecue treat,
they are delicious drizzled with honey.

But remember!
You can only seethe stars when it is dark,
seething in daylight can be disastrous.
Seethe them in milk until tender
serve over couscous or rice
with a lemon and tarragon sauce.

(Some people say stars
are distant balls of flaming gas
but I say
in that case,
what’s that shining in your supper?)

25th December 2010