Raven Prince

A swirl of wings
Across the sky
Changed sons of kings
Seven ravens fly.

So fast transformed
By witch and word
Unhoused, unwarmed,
Boy into bird.

Bare trees, low sun,
Black wings, white snow,
As one by one
Seven ravens go.

The air is all
The sky is wide
We rise and fall,
Seven ravens glide.

Sky blue, blood red,
Birds black, snow white,
We soar, wings spread
And learn delight.

A sister stands
Silent and proud,
Cloth in her hands
A nettle shroud.

One moment to
Transform, convince,
With no ado
From bird to prince.

We perch and shake
And change and I
Must for her sake
Forsake the sky.

What can I say?
The story’s told.
The sky is grey.
My feet are cold.

24th January 2023