Alien Landing

Dis (tance that shatters to splinters of near)

In (coming moments divided by fear)

Ter (ribble burning of ablative shields)

Gra (y as the stormclouds of flickering fields)

Tion (ting the power we need to survive)


Des (tiny threatens, we’re barely alive)

Per (poseful struggle, and down out of space)

A (moment of terror, a moment of grace)

Ti (immering colours, deploying the sail)

On (ward and downward as instruments fail)


Sal (ient now, can our fragile craft last?)

Va (liant guiding and gliding so fast)

Ti (utting down systems, but not as we planned)

On (ward again, till we rest on the land.)


This is a crude translation of an alien form of poetry/song that I made up. The idea is that the first syllable would be sung suspended under the rest of the line by one voice, while another sings the rest. Each stanza consists of one word made up of the first syllables in each line — I’ve gone with the spelling of the main word, which is a little odd when it means “shimmering” starts with “ti” but there you go. This poem describes crashlanding a ship made for space on a planet with an atmosphere.

4th January 2018