Guy Outside Vendome Metro Handing Out Free Papers (trans)

Good morning!
Good morning, sir,
Old lady with green coat,
Entwined young lovers,
Girl in headscarf with big smile,
Guy with gelled up anime hair.
Good morning woman with cane,
Mind how you go on the stairs there!
Good morning!
The sun is shining!
Good morning middle aged bald guy,
Light stepping girl
With maroon hair extensions,
Mother with stroller,
Big guy with hockey stick,
Fast moving guy with briefcase,
You could slow down you know,
Look around you!
The snow is melting.
It’s a good morning.
Who knows, maybe spring’s coming early?
Good morning all the world,
You travel safely now.
Have the best day that’s in you.
Good morning!
Good morning!
We’re going to be
A lovely day.

5th March 2010