Henry Kissinger 1923-2023

Today, let us consider the achievements of Henry Kissinger.
He made our species worse.
And in the Twentieth Century, too, that wasn’t easy.
To earn a place with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Amin, Peron,
Collect the continental set!

Today let us mourn for the victims of genocide.
For the innocent dead of Bangladesh,
Of Chile, of Vietnam, of America,
Of all the world, the victims of Kissinger
And for those whose boots were on the guilty ground.

Today let us distill our anger, pour off the poisons, keep the useful fraction.
Let us feel horror at his actions, disgust at his self-justifications,
Shame at the fact he shared our humanity,
That once a mother picked a baby up,
And from that moment he could come to this.

30th November 2023