Seasons Readings

Dozens of books, grouped by theme, to help gift shoppers find just the right book for the readers on their lists Montreal Gazette, Saturday December 12th 2009.

Books, yet, you remember those things
rectangular and full of words
we used to choke on them in school?
My friends don’t want them,
but you can’t choose your relations
and how much less your partner’s family
(though why I have to buy for them I don’t know)
December, honestly,
the shops are all heaving,
I’d become a Jew in December
if it wasn’t for bacon,
look at the length of this list
and in the snow too!

So this is a godsend,
letting me know what to buy
for geeky cousin Kevin
and weird Auntie Jo
I can duck into that book shop
(only in December!)
but handy in big piles by the door,
and they’re an easy shape to wrap, of course,
though I can’t think why they like them:
A Book of Christmas Miracles
The Secret Life of Grace Kelly
Canada’s Olympic History
Diet Secrets of the Stars.

14th December 2009