Between the li(n)es

I was watching the videos made as part of the University of Chicago History of Censorship and Information Control series, and in the fifth one, Joshua Craze talks about his work with the redacted documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act dealing with the War on Terror. This poem is a response to that.

He works on papers censored out

Black boxes blocking what they show

And making partial what we know

Yet shaping what we know about.

He reads the words they let him see

(a man)(was)(waterboarded) and between

The blocks and blanks of the unseen

What else was done? What else could be?

Reading the truth between the li(n)es

The few clear words that are let fall

Connecting up the hints and signs

Out of this blankness, shrunk so small,

He wonders, in these dark confines,

How anything gets said at all.