Pain lacks plot: Haikus

I had to record pain against weather, and found no correlation.

Feb 10th

Bad night. Pain like fire
Waking me turning, rolling.
Zero. Grey. Damp. Chill.

Feb 11th

Weather: same. Pain: same.
Grinds me down, day after day
After day, same, same.

Feb 12th

Chilly, grey, rainy.
Both legs aching, nagging pain
Very hard to move.

Feb 13th

Temperature plummets
Plus four to minus twenty.
Pain less, like a drill.

Feb 14th

Morning, pain not bad
Snow withered, minus twelve, sun.
Later pain sets in.

Feb 15th

Huge pain blotting out
Everything, thought, rest, sleep, hope.
Minus eight, snow, cloud.

Feb 16th

PAIN. Tidal wave pain,
Fire, earthquake, gale force pain.
Both legs. Plus three. Grey.

Feb 17th

Grey, plus eight, raining.
Pain like a stuck car alarm,