If we must be eaten by worms, let them be great Wyrms

Let death come as a dragon, as a great quest

Let us die for a purpose, die passing a test

We may fall and be eaten, but fall on our own terms.

Let us die in our splendor, not sunk in decay

No slowly in pain, not gnawed by unrest,

Not fallen from what we have been at our best

If we must die, like heroes, let it be on a good day.

When the dragons come spiralling out of the sun

Let us greet them with joy, with a smile on our face

With our swords in our hands and the deeds we have done

In the greatness of life, in the pride of our place

In our hope for the future, the race still to run.

If we must make an end, let us make it with grace.


15th June 2017, Florence