A tangle of wires

A tangle of wires

a jangle of notes

like thwarted desires

that catch in our throats

old smoke without fires

suppressed like the votes

in a tangle of wires

the blink of a light

we know something’s missing

and nothing feels right

but power won’t listen

to truth in the night

no buzz of connection

a bundle of liars

the burned intersection

of a tangle of wires.

And where are you, why are you, don’t turn away,

The meaning keeps burning through words I can’t say.

And why can’t you hear when I’m shouting so loud?

Your ear is closed tight to the hum of the crowd,

To everyone’s choices that make up the power

In favor of favors that last for an hour.

The whorl of your ear,

the whirl of the day

the things it’s so clear

I’m fighting to say

to a tangle of wires

an angle of words

a moment of fliers

the whirring of birds

the chanting of choirs

unseen and unheard

a hope and a dare

and a glimpse of a world

where people could share

in the power unfurled

from a tangle of wires.

You say that power is in your red car

That runs out of gas when you drive it too far.

You say that power is in your strong cock

That after one orgasm droops like a sock.

You say that power’s contained in your gold

That can buy all the world that’s for sale or been sold.

But a tangle of wires

was never for sale

remix our desires

hold fast through the gale

when power gives choices

and freedom to choose

the whole world rejoices

you don’t have to lose

there’s enough to go round

not a zero sum game

and choices we found

are in everyone’s name

embrace and rebound

when we’re not all the same

with banners and choirs

we strive to be free

in a tangle of wires

from a tangle of wires

to a tangle of wires,

a tangle of wires…


31st August 2018