9th February 2011: Light

When I got off the bus, sunlight was coming through a gap in the clouds to the west and shining directly up onto a huge bank of clouds to the east. They were great big folded snowclouds, and they were a very unusual colour — brilliant luminous warm dark grey. That’s not a colour I see often, or maybe ever, no blue in it, no purple, but a level of saturation I just don’t think of as grey. Grey’s a very complex colour. I was thinking how there aren’t any words for that colour, and description isn’t neutral anyway, description is all part of character. Maybe an artist would see it in terms of what colours you’d try to mix to get that effect? But how would a normal person see it?

No normal person would still be standing at the bus stop when the next bus got there, staring up at a cloud when it was -6, -14 with windchill.

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