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I just realised that the things I know about my books before I write them, the thematic image bits, are very like the things I remember about books I have only read once a long time ago and almost forgotten.

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I am running a Kickstarter to fund a convention called Scintillation. If it’s funded, it will happen on Canadian Thanksgiving 2018, that is 5-7th October 2018, in Montreal. It’ll be a fun small convention I’ll be running with some friends. The

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How to make dinner for three days

You need a chicken, half a pound of lamb mince (or beef if no lamb), raisins, two onions, a leek, a container of mushrooms, a handful of pancetta or lardons (or 3 slices of bacon if no pancetta or lardons),

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Lent is finished. 103565 words as of now, sent it out to beta readers, waiting for response. Kind of done, yay!

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I’m home

This has been a truly epic trip. I’m home to Emmet and my rice cooker and my Damascus steel kitchen knife and my bathrobe and drawers full of clothes I’d forgotten I owned, as I’ve been wearing the same nine

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Petrarch and Laura

I see I have become a legend, my life, my love, And her life and death, a legend. In time it will all be remembered In time it will all be forgotten And remembered again, the wrack and refuse Of

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My Worldcon Schedule

Creating Rules of Enchantment Wednesday 17:00 – 18:00, 207 (Messukeskus) Magical worlds are wonderful places for readers to inhabit; however, they can be devilishly tricky places for writers to create. The magic must be powerful enough to be instrumental to

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In Florence, Thessaly proof, poison, and a rant about sources

I am in Florence. in my beautiful and carefully chosen apartment, where I will be until early July, sometimes on my own and more often with visiting friends. The plan is that I will immerse myself in Lent, which is

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In Nimes

…The so-called temple of Diana was an Augusteum, the niches in the cella also suggest some library use… I’m in the South of France. Far off, a flute is playing Vivaldi’s measured Summer And all around unmeasured profligate summer Is

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With your made-up eyes and your grown up gown And the glitter on your cheek When the pink balloons come tumbling down You’ve been waiting for all week… Dance little girl,  dance with delight Let nobody tell you that it

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