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How to make dinner for three days

You need a chicken, half a pound of lamb mince (or beef if no lamb), raisins, two onions, a leek, a container of mushrooms, a handful of pancetta or lardons (or 3 slices of bacon if no pancetta or lardons),

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In Praise of Procrastination

If time were all a day, they say, then earth whirled in, late evening, like a drunkard, threw up life, five minutes to midnight, all human history compressed to less than a sec. But see, gentle in the twilight, the

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17th July 2014: Things you didn’t know about Heraclitus

I was re-reading Popper’s The Open Society and its Enemies before falling asleep, and indeed, as you will see, after falling asleep. I think I may have mentioned that I read until I am asleep, and then after I am

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26th September 2012: May you be written down in your own special colour

In the beginning there were no colours, there was only light and dark, because God hadn’t thought about colours yet. Later, God thought about life, and soon after thought about death, as a way to get old life to get

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26th January 2012: The Unknown Ocean

I was starting to think the Pacific was a myth. I got a real understanding of the wild surmise. First, that wasn’t the Pacific, that was only Puget Sound. (But Puget Sound was wonderful.) Then it was only San Francisco

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13th January 2012: Puget Sound

It wasn’t so much a look of wild surmise when I gazed at the Pacific. Or maybe it was, actually, a genuine one. The Empire Builder was absoloutely on time — I haven’t been on a train more than half

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27th March 2011: In Dialogue With His Century

I was getting a book off the shelf last night and I came eye to eye with the hardcover of Patterson’s biography of Heinlein Robert A Heinlein: In Dialogue With His Century and I realised what a stupid title it

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27th October 2010: Osheen and St Patrick

(A blessing on all those who hear this story, and a blessing on all those who tell it.) One of my favourite subgenres of Celtic stuff is the stories (recorded by Irish monks between the 7th and the 9th century)

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16th Febuary 2010: Jo Walton is — very silly sometimes

I was making a profile for Google Buzz (which I have no idea whether I’ll use or not) and it asked for a bio. I hate writing bios, and it occurred to me since it was Google to see who

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24th July 2008: OMG, it’s full of tea!

So, I think I’m awake enough to post about a funny thing that happened on the way home. I’m not very awake, mind you, but anyway. Bristol airport have unilaterally decreed that nobody is leaving there with more than one

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