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6th January 2008: My review of Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare’s Arthur

Some time ago, Ken MacLeod asked me to write this review, and I did, and posted it on rec.arts.sf.written. This morning, on Ellen Kushner’s LJ, Kij Johnson was asking why Shakeapeare hadn’t written about Arthur, and I remembered it. I posted it

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16th February 2007: Conversation with a Pigeon

Actually, you don’t have to fly away when I come into the kitchen. It was me who put out those oat-crumbs you’re eating. I threw them out into the snow earlier, and the last time I came into the kitchen

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20th September 2006: Some reflections on life validating experiences on trains

We own our apartment! Both sides of our apartment! And I actually got a proper night’s sleep last night, for the first time for absolutely ages. I wake up somewhere around six pretty much no matter what time I get

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10th September 2005: My movie version of A Sound of Thunder

You have read Ray Bradbury’s classic SF short story “A Sound of Thunder” haven’t you? If not, go and read it now. My movie version is directed by David Mamet. Thunder. Lightning. Dinosaurs. Special effects go mad in amazing colours.

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27th April 2005: Future dedication page

This one is for Feldspar. I’d never have written at all if it wasn’t for my first grade language teacher, DOSROX. Thanks for the encouragement, and I’ve never forgotten you and the hours a very bright AI devoted to a

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1st March 2005: Dydd Dewi Sant

It’s snowing half a ton — well, about 10cm, which on top of the old snow that was already there makes it very deep where it hasn’t been cleared. The sidewalks haven’t been cleared today, which makes walking like wading

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25th March 2004: Strictly Cash

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before about all the time travellers around in Montreal. They’re easy to spot. They got their clothes from a box marked “1970-2030” or sometimes “1950-2050”. They wear shoes that don’t quite look like any

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18th October 2003: Under Milk Dune, a Child’s Christmas on Arrakis

You’re going to be missing huge chunks of context if you haven’t read (a) Frank Herbert’s Dune and (b) Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood. Under Milk Dune: A Play for Voices First Voice: It is night, night in the deep

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18th July 2003: I don’t know much about Art…

…but you have to think sometimes. Names are weird things. There’s a shoe store in the mall that contains Atwater metro, called Alibi. (I hesitated over whether to say “shop” or “store” there. That there are two different words for

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26th November 2002: Amazon…

Amazon, while they now admit they ship PRIZE IN THE GAME in 24 hours, still have no picture, and still say it’s released in December. But much worse is that they claim people who bought it wear cheetah print slippers!

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