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Petrarch and Laura

I see I have become a legend, my life, my love, And her life and death, a legend. In time it will all be remembered In time it will all be forgotten And remembered again, the wrack and refuse Of

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In Nimes

…The so-called temple of Diana was an Augusteum, the niches in the cella also suggest some library use… I’m in the South of France. Far off, a flute is playing Vivaldi’s measured Summer And all around unmeasured profligate summer Is

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With your made-up eyes and your grown up gown And the glitter on your cheek When the pink balloons come tumbling down You’ve been waiting for all week… Dance little girl, ¬†dance with delight Let nobody tell you that it

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In Praise of Procrastination

If time were all a day, they say, then earth whirled in, late evening, like a drunkard, threw up life, five minutes to midnight, all human history compressed to less than a sec. But see, gentle in the twilight, the

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