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Genre Pacing: A question from Goodreads

On Goodreads, a nice person called Xena WP asked me Jo, after finishing Transcription by K. Atkinson I wished for a few paragraphs at least of Juliet’s happy discovery of Italy and enjoyment of motherhood, things you describe movingly in

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My short story collection, Starlings, is out now, in trade paperback and e-book, from Tachyon Press. It contains every short story I’ve ever written, the play Three Shouts On a Hill, and a bunch of poems, including Three Bears Norse

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The Dark is Reading 1: Tonight will be bad, and tomorrow will be beyond all imagining

I think if I were to read The Dark is Rising for the first time now, it would be a very different book. I was thirteen when I first read it on the beach in Hastings. Hastings is a town in

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Lent is finished. 103565 words as of now, sent it out to beta readers, waiting for response. Kind of done, yay!

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In Florence, Thessaly proof, poison, and a rant about sources

I am in Florence. in my beautiful and carefully chosen apartment, where I will be until early July, sometimes on my own and more often with visiting friends. The plan is that I will immerse myself in Lent, which is

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So full of a number of things

1) Poor Relations has a cover. I have not in fact written an ineluctably masculine seventies SF novel, but it makes me happy to have a cover as if I had. Nothing represents anything specific in the book — there

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Thud: Lent

Words: 2070 Total words: 15817 Files: 2 Tea: Jin Die bio with hand added ginseng Music: only power up music New beginning. So I have been doing a ton of research for Lent, and now I am ready to really

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10th November 2016: How I feel when people reference Farthing

Generally if something in the world causes somebody to think of something I have written, it’s delightful. It means I’ve succeeded in encapsulating something, in finding a way of describing something that’s useful to somebody. Something I’ve written has helped

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1st December 2015: 51 Today

AM is here and I’m going out for breakfast and later today for dinner with Z as well, and the book is done, and I have such great family and friends, and being fifty-one is lovely so far. I won’t

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1st December 2014: Half a century

I am fifty, except that, like Neil Gaiman, I still feel twelve. AM is here, Marissa Lingen and family are in town, we have plans with Z tonight and a party next weekend. Fifty is an odd age, awfully old, but

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