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1st December 2012: 48 Today

And it’s a Saturday! Which does happen now and then, but it seems like a long time since the last time. And I so like having a birthday on the first of the month. AM is here, arrived last night,

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26th March 2011: Things I know

I always know huge amounts more than end up on the page. I need to know it, and often I don’t have to think about knowing it, I just know it, it’s inherent in the world and it doesn’t end

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4th June 2010: These fragments have I shored against my ruins

I was pegging out clothes on the line this morning, and thinking to myself, the way you do: “Summer surprised us, coming over the Starnbergersee With a shower of rain; we stopped in the colonnade, And went on in sunlight,

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1st December 2009: 45 Today

I’m awake ridiculously early because I’m excited because it’s my birthday. I thought I was supposed to grow out of that, and I suppose I may, but not yet. AM is here, and we’re going to meet Z for breakfast

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1st December 2008 44 Today

Which seems like a nice round number. I went out for dinner with Rysmiel on Saturday, we went to Kashima and had some nice sushi and a delicious grilled hamachi neck. Last night I went out with Zorinth and his girlfriend to

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28th February 2008: The Industrial Ruins of Elfland

I grew up in a post-industrial landscape. I didn’t know it, of course. I thought it was normal. It took me a surprisingly long time to see it. The South Wales valleys were empty until the industrial revolution, and then

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4th January 2008: Ratcheting and POV

There’s a thing that mechanical gears do, where each one has a little set of teeth, and each little tooth has to grip on one on the other gear to move the thing forward, and when they’re going they mesh,

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1st December 2007: 43 Today

Or, as I might say if I were an atevi, I am fully 42. This year I managed to remember how old I was all year, so points for that. If I carry on telling people I’m 42, it’ll be

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15th May 2007: Jeopardy, pacing of revelation & how you treat characters

I was having a conversation with Zorinth on the way home on the train largely about a (really nifty) story idea of his, and one of the things we were talking about was the things novels need in order to

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21st March 2007 Lovely rice pudding for dinner again (whining about proofs)

The thing I hate about proofs is — no. Among the things I hate about proofs are: the way they arrive sufficiently soon after the copyedit that I’m still sick of the sight of the book; the way I’m totally

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