1st December 2009: 45 Today

I’m awake ridiculously early because I’m excited because it’s my birthday. I thought I was supposed to grow out of that, and I suppose I may, but not yet.

AM is here, and we’re going to meet Z for breakfast in Byblos and then come back here to open presents. Then we’re meeting Rysmiel¬†and Z’s girlfriend A after work and going to have dinner in L’Unique, all of which sounds like a lovely plan. I’m looking forward to it.


Lifelode, NESFA Press, February.

Short Stories

Escape To Other Worlds With Science Fiction Tor.com, February

Three Twilight Tales, Firebirds Soaring, March.

Parable Lost Lone Star Stories, June


By Their Spaceships Ye Shall Know Them Lone Star Stories, February

Sibyls and Spaceships poetry collection, NESFA Press, February


Ha’Penny in Spanish

Also finished and sold this year but not yet published

(Let’s skip this category. This has not been a good finishing things year.)

Pending from previous years

Among Others (formerly known as ILE) coming from Tor in June 2010

In Progress


(Maybe Serenissima but maybe it has turned into a RPG)

When Adam Delved


Romantic Times Reviwer’s Choice Award for Half a Crown

Award Nominations

Half a Crown

Shortlisted: Sunburst, Sidewise, Prometheus

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