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10th November 2016: How I feel when people reference Farthing

Generally if something in the world causes somebody to think of something I have written, it’s delightful. It means I’ve succeeded in encapsulating something, in finding a way of describing something that’s useful to somebody. Something I’ve written has helped

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26th March 2011: Things I know

I always know huge amounts more than end up on the page. I need to know it, and often I don’t have to think about knowing it, I just know it, it’s inherent in the world and it doesn’t end

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15th May 2007: Jeopardy, pacing of revelation & how you treat characters

I was having a conversation with Zorinth on the way home on the train largely about a (really nifty) story idea of his, and one of the things we were talking about was the things novels need in order to

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21st March 2007 Lovely rice pudding for dinner again (whining about proofs)

The thing I hate about proofs is — no. Among the things I hate about proofs are: the way they arrive sufficiently soon after the copyedit that I’m still sick of the sight of the book; the way I’m totally

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26th December 2006 Inevitability

Yesterday afternoon we watched a DVD I bought myself for Christmas. The box is all in French, but in English it seems to be called The Gathering Storm and it’s Churchill biography, or as it’s dramatized like a story, fanfiction.

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2nd February 2006: Why fantasy is easy

When I say fantasy is easy, what I mean is that writing in a background you already know intimately is easier than figuring out every little thing about the background. It’s easiest to put this in terms of tech levels

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23rd September 2005: Venting about copyedit

Dear Copyeditor, Contrary to your base assumption, I am not a moron. When I use mixed metaphors — and you may note I only do it in the first person section — I am using them as a form of

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9th January 2004: Clarification

[I’d posted asking for recommendations] I don’t want twins, I want the situation where someone takes on the persona of someone else and has to act with people who know the original person as if they are that person, while

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