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So full of a number of things

1) Poor Relations has a cover. I have not in fact written an ineluctably masculine seventies SF novel, but it makes me happy to have a cover as if I had. Nothing represents anything specific in the book — there

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2nd February 2006: Why fantasy is easy

When I say fantasy is easy, what I mean is that writing in a background you already know intimately is easier than figuring out every little thing about the background. It’s easiest to put this in terms of tech levels

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16th September 2003: Writing is weird, some more

The thing is, when you tell a story you already know, you’re not telling the same story. It’s like all the versions of fairy tales, they all have the same plot and the same characters but they are different stories.

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15th September 2003: Writing is weird

There’s something very weird about the act of actually telling a story. This is a lot more noticeable when you’re telling a story you know already, as opposed to making up a story. I’m stuck and conflicted on my Lifelode

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18th August 2003: Poor Relations

Is there anything actually preventing one from writing Mansfield Park as a space opera? Well, I guess the physics. And not being able to read it while one was writing it. But think of being able to fix the end!

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