So full of a number of things

1) Poor Relations has a cover. I have not in fact written an ineluctably masculine seventies SF novel, but it makes me happy to have a cover as if I had. Nothing represents anything specific in the book — there is Mars, and there are spaceships, but Mars is half-terraformed and the spaceships aren’t like that. But I don’t care, this is the right kind of representation, down to the black and white fonts. Why, it could be a Greg Bear cover or even a Ben Bova cover! The fact that it’s actually Mansfield Park on Mars just makes it better.

2) I’m off to France this evening, flying to Paris and going to Epinal for Imaginales next weekend, then signing in Dimension Fantastique in Paris next Tuesday. And that’s just the beginning of my summer travels!

3) Life is good. That is, my life is good. The world, maybe not so good. And I already wrote a book about that, so I can’t even think of it as a research experience. Gah.

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