1st December 2012: 48 Today

And it’s a Saturday! Which does happen now and then, but it seems like a long time since the last time. And I so like having a birthday on the first of the month.

AM is here, arrived last night, and Z and A are joining us for brunch out, then tea out, then home and present opening, and then Azuma for dinner. Yay birthday.


Among Others in paperback (and reprinted three times), and in UK hardback and e-book, and in Spanish.

The King’s Peace in Hungarian.

No new novels published, or written. It has been an awfully busy year, but that’s not good enough. Sit down and write a book already.


No short stories — actually I did write a short story. I should do something with it.


Nemi in Tor.com, April

Jane Austen Among the Women in Tor.com, April.

And lots here, as usual.

Sold But Not Yet Published

What Makes This Book So Great Essay collection.

Among Others in Chinese, Japanese, Croatian, Roumanian, Portugese, German and French and I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

Farthing in French.

Tooth and Claw and the three Tir Tanagiri books in the UK.

Lifelode in e-book form, coming soon from Tor.


Hugo. (Eeeee!!!)


British Fantasy Award.

Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award.

ETA: Copper Cylinder Award

Award Nominations

World Fantasy Award.

Mythopoeic Award.

So on the whole an unprecedentedly good year on the achievements front. Which I suppose, I mean 47, it’s about the age when you ought to start achieving things, don’t you think?

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