1st December 2013: 49 Today

Great birthday so far, AM is here, Z and A are coming over at 10.30 and we’re going out for brunch and then to see the Treasures of Venice exhibition in the Beaux Arts. This will save me time when I am in Venice in a couple of weeks… so excited!

(I used to vaguely think that I’d at some point stop sort of pretending that I was a grown up and actually be properly grown up. At 49, I no longer think this is likely to happen.)

And a living in the future moment — I was astonished to notice that Google has a personal google-doodle for me. I guess this is the upside to all this big data logged in stuff, a Google Doodle made out of cakes that has a mouseover text of “Happy Birthday Jo”. Thank you, pastel overlords.




Turnover, as a chapbook for Novacon, November.


The Helix and the Hard Road, poetry collection from Aqueduct Press, May.

Reprints and Translations

Escape to Other Worlds With Science Fiction, in Twenty-First Century Science Fiction ed Nielsen Hayden and Hartwell.

Farthing, Ha’Penny, Half a Crown all in trade paperback from Tor.

Among Others in Polish, Italian, Turkish, Serbian and German.

Tooth and Claw in German.

The King’s Peace, The King’s Name, and The Prize in the Game Corsair, UK.

Pending From Previous Years

What Makes This Book So Great, collection of Tor.com pieces, publication January 2014, Tor US and Corsair UK.

Among Others in French and Korean.

And I sold the Small Change books to Corsair in the UK, and they’ll be out next year or sometime soon.

Also Finished and Sold This Year But Not Yet Published

My Real Children (coming from Tor and Corsair in May 2014)

The Just City (coming from Tor probably in January 2015)

The Philosopher Kings (coming from Tor maybe late in 2015 or maybe early 2016)

Hades and Persephone (poem) sold to Tor.com for publication in April.

In Progress

Give me a break! I wrote 3 novels this year!

Actually, The Philosopher Kings is still in progress really, it will definitely need fixing. Poor Relations is what I’m thinking about maybe working on next. But who knows?

Award Nominations

Ignotus Award for SF in Spanish Translation, Among Others

New Places Visited

North America: Dallas, College Station, San Antonio, New Orleans, Madison.
Europe: Warsaw, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Nottingham.

And don’t forget I made a proper website, with poetry and stories and recipes and stuff. OK Ada did all the hard work, but I put the information in!

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