1st December 2007: 43 Today

Or, as I might say if I were an atevi, I am fully 42. This year I managed to remember how old I was all year, so points for that. If I carry on telling people I’m 42, it’ll be because it’s a nice memorable number.

The sun is shining, we have a predicted high of -11, there’s quite a bit of freshly fallen white snow on the ground, and Zorinth¬†has agreed to get up and go out for breakfast with me, which we used to do nearly every Saturday but now do rarely, as, like Rysmiel he prefers to sleep all morning. I’m going to open my presents when we get back.

As I did last year on my birthday, which seems a convenient time for doing it, I’m going to list my publications for the year.


Ha’Penny Tor, October.

Farthing in mass-market paperback, Tor, August.

Short Stories

“The Comrades Decide to Continue Their Struggle” in Glorifying Terrorism, Spring 2007.

“Tradition” in Lone Star Stories

Reprint: “What Would Sam Spade Do” in Best of Baen’s Universe

(all of it in the category of “You saw it here first”)

Le Morte de MacArthur in Lone Star Stories, April

Cendrillon at Sunrise in Asimov’s, September


Tooth and Claw in Spanish.

Also finished and sold this year but not yet published

Half a Crown coming from Tor September 2008.

“Twilight Stories” which is going to be in Firebirds Soaring in 2008.

All-through but still in a state of being worked on

“Coin in Nine Hands Story” (which last year I said I should stop wishing to get perfect and send out… and that still applies)

In Progress

Our Sea

Waiting to hear about


Award Nominations

Candlemass Poem

Shortlisted: Rhysling Award


Winner: Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award for SF

Shortlisted: Nebula Award, Locus Award, John W. Campbell Memorial Award (came joint 3rd), Quills Award, Sidewise Award

Highly Commended: Sunburst Award

Writing them all out like that, that’s really pretty amazing. I fully expect this to be a record, I never expect to see this many nominations or this much attention ever again. And yet it’s meaningless; up to June, Farthing had only sold 3500 copies.

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